Terror suspects seek trial under criminal laws
Salim Osman, Indonesia Correspondent
Wed, Jan 21, 2009
The Straits Times

JAKARTA: The defence lawyer for Singaporean terror suspect Mohammad Hassan Saynudin and two Indonesians being tried for attacking Christian priests and for planning to bomb a cafe in West Sumatra asked the court yesterday to dismiss the charges under the anti-terrorism law.

Government-appointed lawyer Asludin Hatjadi said the men should instead be tried under the criminal code, which carries more lenient punishment. 'Although it is yet to be proven, the suspects are alleged to have committed criminal acts,' he told the South Jakarta District Court. 'They should be tried under the criminal code because the crimes they are being accused of did not bring about an atmosphere of fear or terror in the country.'

The 35-year-old Singaporean, who is better known as Fajar Taslim Hassan - a member of the Singapore chapter of terror network Jemaah Islamiah - and two Indonesians, Ali Masyhudi, 26, and Wahyudi, 35, appeared in court yesterday.



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