The wife of teacher and scouts movement pioneer is in a legal squabble with her daughters over a flat. -ST

He promises to uplift community in exchange for Hindraf's support at polls. -ST
More ships are to be deployed in the region as part of US pivot to Asia. -ST
Victims are conned into repaying 'loans' for which relatives were guarantors. ST
Buyers snap up bulkier items, bars, but shops in other areas are quieter. -ST
The pair said that they were filing an appeal because they believe that "gay men should not have to go to jail for being who they are". -ST
The historic panels have been on display in Bedok Reservoir Park since 2010 and will be returned to their owners by the end of this year. -ST
Two directors of a hardware company are being sued by their younger sister, who claims they deprived her of her lawful stake in their late parents' estate. -ST