Ace this intelligence test and you might have an IQ of 150

Taking this intelligence test could prove you have an IQ of 150.
PHOTO: Video screengrab

You may just be a genius if you manage to solve this mathematical puzzle.

This test, having first appeared on YouTube, is now blowing up on Facebook and Twitter.

The Japanese Twitter user who uploaded the test claims that if you solve the puzzle, you would have an IQ of 150.

Do you think you have an IQ of 150?

Take the test to find out.


Solution time!

For those of you who have tried it, here's an example to illustrate how it works out. 


If 6 +4 = 210,


6-4 = 2


6+4 = 10

gives you 210.

Still confused?

Here's a video to better illustrate it for you: