The adrenaline junkie: Patrick Paran

SINGAPORE - S-League players: Patrick Paran (above)

1 I didn't always want to be a footballer...

Like many kids, I started kicking a ball at four years old and later joined the school teams in primary and secondary school.

In 2010, during my first year at SIM University, my football coach asked me why I didn't try for the Prime League or the S-League.

I laughed it off. I saw myself as a social footballer. It was a hobby, not a career option. Eventually I went for trials at Tanjong Pagar United. In 2011, I joined the club to play in the SLeague.

2 There are always new things to learn...

In August 2011, I was selected to join the national football team. Even though I was only a reserve player, I felt very proud to be on the team. The feeling of putting on that jersey with our national flag is something special, something different.

Joining Balestier Khalsa in 2012 was bigger. The senior players take football very seriously and they have influenced me. I look up to them and feel I still have a lot more to learn from them.

They've changed the way I view football, training methods and have helped me become more disciplined.

For example, I realise it is not enough to be punctual for training. Everyone on the team arrives an hour earlier to train on their own. They aren't asked to, it's all on their own initiative, dedication to the sport and their sense of professionalism.

3 My secret "vice" is...

I am an adrenaline junkie. I love roller coasters and adventure sports.

I'd love to go bungee jumping, skydiving and diving. I've only done parasailing so far.

I also like to drag my friends along with me - whether they like it or not.

4 My idea of food heaven and hell...

My favourite is pasta aglio olio.

I don't like green peas. I am not a veggie person, but I eat a lot of fruit. I also won't eat escargot (snails). I will only eat it to survive if there was nothing else left in the world.

5 My celebrity crush is...

Jessica Alba - she's hot, she can dance and looks great in a bikini.

My ideal woman is independent, down to earth and easy-going. Looks don't matter so much because you are going to live with a person's character, not the looks.

People grow old and looks fade. I think being decentlooking is enough for me. But I still wouldn't mind Jessica Alba (laughs).


Country: Singapore

Birthday: July 29, 1987

Age: 25

Height: 1.77m

Weight: 72kg

Club: Balestier Khalsa Football Club, joined in January 2012

Position: Forward

Jersey number: 14

Favourite music: Hip hop, R&B, pop

Favourite band: Maroon 5

Best feature: My personality. I'm easy-going, fun and adventurous

Ideal romantic getaway: A beach holiday in the Maldives

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