AirAsiaGo Mobile App is pretty nifty

Users of the AirAsiaGo Mobile App can now easily view the latest hotel and flight deals and perform seamless and convenient mobile bookings in just four steps.

With its simple sleek design, smart icons and rich photography, the mobile app enables customers to easily browse through more than 365,000 hotels around the world.

"We believe in adapting to the changing travel booking behaviours of our customers who are spending a lot of time on their smartphones and tablets. As a forward-thinking company, we find that web is the "now", and mobile is the "future".

With the AirAsiaGo Mobile App, travellers can now browse, navigate and make bookings easily from one application, as well as customise their individual travel needs - all in real-time," said AirAsiaExpedia chief executive officer Kathleen Tan.

Built on the award-winning platform by Expedia, the app is a mobilised platform which provides fast and efficient solutions for last-minute travel bookings and caters to the needs of budget-conscious and bargain-hunting travellers. Customers can now enjoy mobile exclusive deals which help save up to 70 per cent off on hotels, when they book via the app.

"One of the many benefits of having this joint-venture between AirAsia and Expedia was for AirAsiaGo to leverage on the state-of-the-art technology from Expedia in developing not just the mobile app but also to build a world-class e-commerce web technology platform.

We have seen significant improvements to the conversions rates as well as the average booking value of the business since taking on the new technology," said Tan

The app comes in very handy for those who have last minute business or leisure trips, as it allows customers to book on-the-go and still get mobile exclusive deals. It also boasts six localised content and currencies including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

"We are placing the world in the hands of our customers. If they need to book a quick holiday getaway - our AirAsiaGo Mobile App is the answer," Tan added.

Some of the app's other features include itineraries with real-time notifications, flight itineraries and instant travel information.