Always connected

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Business is about connections. Your business thrives because you have made the right connections. HP multifunction printers (MFP) mirror your business' emphasis on connections. They are connected in different ways to make the devices more accessible. Network? Wireless? That is old news. HP has been there and done that.

HP goes farther. Its MFPs are connected to the cloud and plugged into the Internet. This IT giant pioneered these super-connected MFPs back in 2010. While the rest of the pack of manufacturers are catching up, HP has forged ahead to offer printers with features that bring a new level of convenience to your business.

Fast food special

An example will illustrate this. A chain of restaurants needs a last-minute change of its lunchtime offer. An alert staff spotted a competitor's set meal that was more attractive. The boss made a quick change to the menu to beat the competitor's package and price. How would he get it to his many restaurants? By sending an e-mail. He does. In a short while, all MFPs in the restaurants automatically print out a pristine copy of the artwork of the new special deal. Done.

How, you ask? The boss had the foresight to install HP MFPs in all his restaurants. His e-mail sent to the HP printers had the PDF file of the artwork attached. It were almost as if he was printing the artwork by the press of a button directly to all the printers in the restaurant chain.

No expensive private network was involved. Just HP MFPs, each logged on to the network of the restaurant it is in.

E-mail my printer

The secret ingredient is that each HP MFP has its own unique e-mail address.

Printing to an HP device is as easy as sending an e-mail message with what you want printed as attachment. PowerPoint, Word, Excel file or just the e-mail itself? No problem.

HP's promise is simple, its devices enable Printing from Virtually Anywhere. HP calls it ePrint. Print just by sending an e-mail. One printer or many. Across town or on the other side of the Earth. One e-mail can both send a digital copy and command a hard copy to be printed. Imagine the power and convenience of ePrint.

ePrint is made simple to consumers and businesses but only because HP has worked hard to make it so. E-mail messages sent to HP MFPs go first to HP PrintCentre which dwells in the HP Cloud. There, the attachments are recognised and read. It could be a complex Microsoft Office or PDF file or a photo whether it is in the JPEG, PNG, TIF or BMP format. The attachment is translated to a print command and shot to your printer via the Internet.

Complex is made simple and it takes mere seconds or minutes.

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Face the new fax

In your office, moments after the e-mail message has been sent, your HP MFP rouses from energy-saving mode on its own and the print comes out soon after. HP has delivered a technological marvel.

Think of the convenience. The person at the other end doesn't even need to know how to use a PC. He can use the MFP as a copier or fax machine. With ePrint, a pristine print of a complex document is produced without him needing to touch a PC or even to lift a finger. He just needs to pick up from the output tray.

Don't worry about your business partners who are still clinging on to their ancient fax machines. HP MFPs speak old-world analogue fluently and can send faxes to them. At your end, your processes may be purely digital without a shred of paper involved. At the other end, what your business partner will receive is your fax as usual, perhaps printed out in thermal paper. He won't know that anything has changed, except that your faxes are far cleaner.

Capture and Route with the press of one button

Do this with the HP Capture and Route solution and save on the money spent on dedicated fax lines and overseas charges. Incoming faxes are automatically digitised. You will not be seeing a pile of incoming fax message with this solution.

Capture and Route does more and can digitise your workflow, cutting down the need for hard copy storage. Space in your office is freed and you also save on offsite record storage expenses.

Capture and Route can also reduce a workflow requiring many manual steps into the press of a single pre-programmed button on the control panel of your HP MFP. Recapture precious human resources spent on manual tasks and route them to growing your business.

Speaks mobile fluently

Printers and copiers appear to be fixed pieces of hardware caught in a spiderweb of cables, don't they? Their printing prowess can only be accessed by PCs and laptops. They are part of the old IT world of PCs and physical networks.

Not MFPs from HP. They speak mobile, too. They bring the power of professional-grade, full-colour print to the world of touchscreens and cloud computing. The MFPs are connected to the cloud or the Web.

You and your staff are no longer confined to the office. You work on the go and stay connected always via 3G or 4G networks through your phone or tablet.

Going beyond printing via e-mail, HP MFPs are accessible by smartphones and tablets. Whether it is a webpage, photo, Microsoft Office or PDF file in your smart device, print it directly from your device.

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Appsolute convenience

Whether your device is a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or runs on Android, HP has an ePrint app for you. You can access documents in the cloud for printing from your phone. Your files or photos in your Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive or even Facebook accounts can be accessed via your smart device.

The apps allow greater control than e-mail printing. You can pick the paper tray or change the size, position and orientation of a photo on the page to be printed. You can even check on the ink levels of the printer. All these are done remotely on the touchscreen on your device.

HP ePrint MFPs also support Apple's AirPrint. iPhone and iPad users can use Apple's AirPrint smarts to connect to HP ePrint devices. This does not even need an Internet connection. So long as the printer and your iOS device are logged on to the same Wi-Fi network, you can print directly from your device.

HP has another printing trick. No Internet connection or even an office Wi-Fi network is needed. Simply add on the HP Jetdirect 2700w USB Wireless Print Server to your MFP. With that, you can print through thin air directly from your device. HP calls Wireless Direct. How? The 2700w generates a special wireless network just for your HP MFP. Log on to this network with your mobile device and you are all set to print.

No cable. No drivers. Just peerless wireless goodness.

Peerless wireless

HP provides another avenue for printing that goes beyond the printers that you have in your office and even your branches. If you are in the United States, you can get an urgent print job done at an ePrint machine in HP's ePrint Public Print Locations (PPL) network. Places include FedEx Office stores, UPS Stores, hotels, airline lounges, universities and public libraries. No need to browse through any directory for the nearest printer. Fire up your ePrint app and together with your phone GPS smarts, you can suss out the one nearest public print location to you.

Solidly secure solution

HP wireless products use the latest data security encryption and authentication to prevent unauthorised access over the network. But if you have need for tougher security, opt for the HP ePrint Enterprise option. A back-end server with HP software is needed. It is linked to the company's network and stays within the company firewall. This solution raises the security bar while allowing staff and even visitors to your business to enjoy the convenience of wireless printing.

Visitors can be granted temporary printing access so you can extend the convenience while maintaining security safeguards.

As HP ePrint Enterprise is a driverless solution, it allows you to print to any networked printer, including non-HP printers.

In general, HP's ePrint is designed for flexibility. Even if you have an older HP printer, you can easily endow it with wireless smarts. All you will need to an add-on accessory called the wireless print server.

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For the BYOD generation

Mobility is no fad. The increasing use of personal devices for work has the force of a digital tsunami. It is estimated that close to 40 per cent of the workforce will be mobile workers by 2015 and close to a quarter of businesses already allow some form of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) flexibility.

Forcing staff to only use office computers linked to printers connected by cables will lose a business its competitive edge and pull down staff morale. BYOD is inevitable. Work will increasing be done on mobile devices. Smartphone sales have already overtaken PC sales and by 2016, at least half of computing will be done on tablets.

This is no time to bury your head in the sand and wait and hope that the dust of change of will settle down. It won't.

HP ePrint MFPs provide a ready solution that immediately brings your business the convenience of mobility with security safeguards, the moment the device is logged on to your office network. Regardless of your choice of smartphone or tablet, HP ePrint MFPs provide a quick printing mobility solution. Be connected, now.

HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 colour MFP M775z

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Third parties printing supplies such as toners and inks may be cheaper. But these manufacturers may have a one-size-fits-all approach where the same inks are used to fill cartridges for different machines from many brands. They may say that inks from Germany or Japan are used suggesting some level of quality. Get real. Consumers buy third party inks not for the print quality but because they are cheaper.

Don't yield to the temptation of saving a few bucks upfront and facing the consequences later. HP toners pay you back by cutting down on the number of reprints, cartridge replacements, saving you time and paper.

Don't fit a Jaguar with reconditioned tyres. Stick with original HP supplies.

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