Amazing transformation of shoebox flat into designer suite

PHOTO: Amazing transformation of shoebox flat into designer suite

An amazing makeover of a shoebox one-bedroom flat has amazed both netizens and flat owners in Singapore.

The homeowner, a woman in her 30s, embarked on the renovations as she wanted an updated place to stay and enjoy life.

Although the homeowner stays with her mother, the apartment has a semi-bachelorette feel with all the trappings and comforts for a single, working woman.

The architects from KNQ Associates re-designed the entire flat, using mirrored walls to bounce more light into the apartment, brightening it up. The walls of mirrors also made the place look bigger than it really was.

A new dining area rounded out the new, sparkling white kitchen, which has splashes of blue paint to add some colour to it.

In the bedroom, a cramped space formerly taken up by wardrobes was clearly divided into personal spaces with a centre wardrobe.

An utility room at the back of the apartment has been transformed into a work/play room for the home owners. It also serves as an extra guestroom for visitors who sleep over.

KNQ Associates told AsiaOne that the renovations cost around $50,000, including the gutting out and revamp of the interior, and took around 2 months to complete on-site.

Before the renovations, the apartment was dark and looked cramp. The bedrooms did not have clearly divided spaces and much of the space was taken up by a wardrobe.