Another side of … Melissa Indot

Melissa Indot is often recognised for her pixie cut hair, unique vocals and of course, the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) award which she bagged in 2008 for Best English Album, Eclecticism.

When not busy singing, songwriting, putting an end to global warming or conquering the known world, this KLite spends her days indulging in rigorous workout regimes.

A little known fact about Melissa Indot is that she is quite the sports junkie.

Up to a year ago, Melissa could be spotted at the gym from time to time but she only started getting serious about fitness upon deciding to release a new album.

"When I'm working harder, my brain is always busy. My body must be able to keep up with my active brain," said the spirited five-footer.

Among many recreational activities, Melissa reveals her love for boxing in particular.

"I took up boxing for many reasons. First of all, it's good cardio. Through boxing you can work your core and fine-tune your balance. But mostly, it's my stress reliever," she said.

She first tried her hand at boxing when her fitness trainer Diamond Ogbeide suggested the sport.

"My friends and family have group training three times a week at which Diamond will introduce something different. I took to boxing because it's a combination of many sports," she explained.

Although Melissa has never taken part in competitive boxing, she still maintains a pretty exhaustive workout schedule.

Every morning starts off with a 7km walk, followed by biweekly cardio routines that involve either a one hour of trail running or cycling and then slows down and stretches her muscles with another hour of pilates which she does twice a week.

Three times a week, she practices a more focused training regime that includes either boxing, TRX, Cross Core, Viper workouts or Sandbag training (all a combination of weight-lifting and cardio).

To keep up with all the physical activities, Melissa maintains an equally healthy diet.

"I start the day off with warm water and lemon juice. After my morning workout, I will usually have breakfast comprising of a fruit and vegetable smoothie complemented with wholegrain toast," she shared.

Carbs are avoided but on her 'cheat' days, Melissa gives in to the occasional pasta or rice meal.

"But I make sure to never take carbs at night!" she said, adding that dinner is usually a family affair with home-cooked meals of vegetables, fish and tofu.

A common misconception is that if you exercise diligently, you will lose weight but that isn't the case, Melissa explained.

"I dropped in size but not in weight. This is because I began to build muscles which are heavier than fat."

Another benefit of exercise, she adds, is that it allows her to stay alert longer during the day "I don't get as tired as easily as I used to even though I have an early start at 6am and go to bed at 12."

"All the vigorous physical activity does bring about injuries though," she confessed.

"I've had plenty of them! A while back I suffered from 'frozen shoulder'. That's when my shoulder got locked and I couldn't move my arm at all. I couldn't cycle, run or take part in any high impact sports," explained Melissa, who had to make do with walking during the healing and recovery period.

"That's when it really hit me that I must always rest and exercise at intervals. You should never push yourself too far," she said, adding that warming up before and stretching after training is an absolute necessity.

When asked how she manages her time between her career and active sports life, this enigmatic singer- songwriter likens her daily routine to a circus act.

"There's a lot of intense juggling. But my priority is to fix my workout schedule because that's what keeps me healthy and sane," she stressed.

"If I'm not healthy in mind and body, I won't be able to function! This is a promise I make to myself," she said, adding that she would only shift her workout plans if an urgent matter crops up.

On the music front, Melissa's new single You & Me was released just three weeks back as a teaser to her album which will be launched on the 30th October on all digital platforms.

Melissa is running a special social media campaign where fans stand a chance to win exclusive passes to see her perform live at the intimate album launch showcase on Oct 30.

For further details on how to win your passes go to

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