Apple wants to compensate networks for skipped ads in new TV service

It's no secret that Apple has been looking to break into the TV market for some time. However, they have faced significant barriers to entry. Back in 2010, Steve Jobs said the TV market was plagued by a "fundamental go-to-market problem" that prevented Apple from fulfilling its vision for the industry. To that end, he mentioned that while Apple was interested, TV was going to be one of Apple's "hobbies" until they can find a viable way to enter the market.

Reports are now suggesting that Apple is willing to compensate cable TV companies and TV networks to allow viewers to skip commercials in its own TV service. However, it is unclear how this would work at this point of time.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company had a "grand vision" for TV. Additionally, it is rumoured that Apple is going to offer its own full-on television as well as a set-top box when it rolls out it's plans for its TV business.