Apple's low-end phone price disappointing

Almost 90 per cent of Chinese users in an online survey complained the iPhone 5C, which Apple Inc launched on Sept 10 to target low-end users in countries such as China, is still too expensive and said they have no interest in the new gadget.

Apple launched its long-awaited new devices iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on Tuesday in Cupertino. The iPhone 5C is believed to be a major move of the electronics giant to gain back its momentum in emerging markets such as China, Apple's second-largest market.

For the first time, China becomes one of the first markets to have the new iPhones. The starting price for iPhone 5S is 5,288 yuan (S$1,000), while the starting price for the low-end iPhone 5C is 4,488 yuan (S$930).

For many Chinese users who have been expecting an iPhone of less than 3,000 yuan (S$600), the price is very disappointing.

In a survey on, the No 1 Web portal in China, 88.4 per cent or 8,768 people said the price is too high and only 2.6 per cent or 254 people said they would buy iPhone 5C.