Are banana peels really slippery? Teens take on new challenge to prove that

From the "A4 waist challenge" to the "belly button challenge", Internet trends can sometimes range from odd to crazy. In the latest social media trend, teenagers seem to be going bananas over the "banana peel challenge".

In this challenge, teenagers test a banana peel on its ability to make them slip - allowing the classic cartoon gag to come to life.

Numerous videos have surfaced online showing teens taking up the challenge and, unsurprisingly, proving how slippery banana peels are.

These videos show challengers risking major injuries as they brazenly walk on the fruit peel as it sends them falling to the floor.

One Twitter user, Jason Oakes, posted a video of his attempt on the challenge and it went viral - raking in 85,000 retweets and 88,000 likes.

Oakes captioned the post: "Y'all I tried to see if banana peels were rlly (sic) slippery like in cartoons and I slipped and tried 2 catch myself w/ a cup."

Even though the videos have brought comic relief to most viewers, some are not amused by them at all.

One twitter user, @hxrryspears wrote: "Americans have so much free time - this is why they don't know any other languages and geography."

Another user, Annalise Odegaar admitted to injuring herself during her attempt at the challenge.

In which she tweeted Oakes saying: "I SKINNED MY KNEE".