Are hidden speed cameras really more effective?

Are hidden speed cameras really more effective?

SINGAPORE - Speeding is a form of reckless driving that needs to be curbed, but I question Mr Goh Geok Teck's proposal ("Remove speed camera notices"; Wednesday).

It is common to hear Singapore motorists questioning the practicality of hidden cameras.

Being hidden, do these cameras serve their primary purpose of preventing accidents on dangerous road stretches?

In Western Australia, following questions over the ethicality of hidden cameras, the state police displayed on their website the policies that guide the implementation of speed cameras and why obvious cameras are preferred over hidden ones.

Have hidden cameras on the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway been more effective in reducing the travelling speed of motorists, than cameras mounted with warning signs on the Pan-Island Expressway?

Would it not be better to warn motorists that speed cameras are in place along dangerous road stretches, so they will slow down, rather than have hidden cameras just for the sake of nabbing speedsters?

Do the Traffic Police have data that proves the efficiency of hidden cameras over the ones with warning signs?

The basis of Mr Goh's proposal is valid. However, the authorities will have to address the issues of practicality, efficiency and ethics in having hidden speed cameras.

- Muhammad Hazique Salahudin

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