Are there any safe foods to eat anymore?

Food was once seen as a source of sustenance and pleasure. Today, the dinner table can instead begin to feel like a minefield. Is the bacon on your plate culinary asbestos, and will the wheat in your toast give you "grain brain"? Even the bubbles of gas in your fizzy drinks have been considered a hazard.

Worse still, the advice changes continually. As TV-cook Nigella Lawson recently put it: "You can guarantee that what people think will be good for you this year, they won't next year."

This may be somewhat inevitable: evidence-based health advice should be constantly updated as new studies explore the nuances of what we eat and the effects the meals have on our bodies. But when the media (and ill-informed health gurus) exaggerate the results of a study without providing the context, it can lead to unnecessary fears that may, ironically, push you towards less healthy choices.

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