Art exhibition: Misconception

Beijing-based artist Gao Weigang has exhibited widely including in art and cultural capitals London and New York.

In his first solo show in Singapore, the 38-year-old alumnus of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts shows his versatility as an artist by showcasing works in various mediums. The pieces on display include sculptures, paintings and installations.

The exhibition title, Misconception, was suggested by the show's curator and his friend William Zhao to describe the relationship between his works and some of the ideas behind them.

Where: Espace, Louis Vuitton, Island Maison, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue

MRT: Bayfront

When: Till June 15, 10am - 11pm (Sun - Thu), 10am - midnight (Fri & Sat)

Admission: Free

Tel: 6788-3888


Marble, variable dimensions

Each artwork encourages viewers to look for hidden meanings behind the seemingly minimalistic compositions. In this piece, Gao uses geometric structures and transforms them into what look like fake antiques to question the fundamental elements of art.


Stainless steel, titanium, 180x120cm

Presenting the imagery of an ascending staircase, Superstructure's reflective surface is meant to reflect on the great distance between desire and reality.

3 VICE 20130801, 2013

Acrylic on canvas, mirror, 150x200cm

4 VICE 20140215, 2014

Acrylic on canvas, mirror, 150x200cm

Disordered fragments drift in space in this series of paintings. The shapes reference the construction of a new order where different asymmetrical forces and shapes seem to collide.

Through his art, Gao wants to spur dialogue and raise questions about the world as people know it.

5 IN ONE BREATH - 2, 2013

Stainless steel, titanium, 119x120cm

In One Breath - 2 questions the idea of beginnings and endings and suspended moments. Which is why through this work, the artist draws attention to the fleeting moments in between, where even the smallest movement can be a thing of beauty.

6 LINE 3, 2013

Stainless steel, wood, dimensions variable

Life is never a linear path, so the artist believes. This Line with twists and turns points to the various journeys life itself takes. It is a comment on contemporary society in which, with technology at our disposal, we often feel we are in control when we are not.

7 HEAVEN - 3, 2013

Oil on stainless steel, 169x116cm

Most people view Heaven as an ideal place. For the artist, heaven is a place "full of yearning and fear". His rendition is thus all grey.

8 AWARD (DETAIL), 2012

Stainless steel, dimensions variable

The brilliance of a trophy is marked by its shiny colours, its sheen pointing to the sense of victory. Yet, the artist says, when people are enjoying moments of success holding trophies, they often forget the long and hard journey it takes to be successful.

This article was published on May 9 in The Straits Times.

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