The art of living 

Meet the new art aficionados in The Business Times' Weekend magazine tomorrow. Successful, assured and eclectic in their tastes, a new generation of collectors is redefining the art market.

In Weekend Drive, get acquainted with the Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG Line and the BMW 540i M Sport.

Elsewhere in the magazine, doctor-entrepreneur Elaine Kim talks about life, family and being an entrepreneur in The Weekend Interview.

The main paper's Brunch feature this week explores the idea of a good yarn and how the storytelling scene is thriving in Singapore.

Over in Fine Print, we tackle a variation of the age-old question - do you read the screenplay first, or watch the movie first?

On weightier matters, Cubicle Files gets experts to answer some burning questions we have on retrenchment and layoffs, as well as what workers should know about the issue.

If perchance you're reading this in the bathroom, the buttons on those dual-flush toilets can be confounding things. This week, the Offbeat column has a thing or two to say about them.

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