Artist cashes in on his balding problem

PHOTO: Artist cashes in on his balding problem

Going bald is no longer a reason for you to fret, as English artist Philip Levine has proven with his 'headism' art movement.

Not only did Levine not worry about his receding hairline, he decided to make the best of it and cashed in on his balding problem.

Since he started balding, the artist decided that he should use his bald head as a canvas for his art. He soon became an inspiration for other artists and work is now sought after in the art and fashion scenes.

As a result, his bald head has been used in various fashion pieces as well as advertisements.

Today, his sponsors include razor brand Gillette and other firms from various industries.

So if you've got a balding problem today, remember that there is no reason to worry. Start thinking about how you can start a new business idea right from the top of your head.

As Levine has proven, a little creativity can go a long way in the business world.