Ascott launches cookbook to share S'pore's food culture

SINGAPORE - Ascott serviced residences has launched a cookbook to share Singapore's unique food culture with its residents globally, as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Titled '30 Years, 30 Recipes: A Gastronomic Journey', the cookbook can be found in Ascott's more than 100 serviced residences around the world, as well as in libraries in Singapore.

The cookbook is available upon request for guests to recreate a taste of home in their apartment.

Mr Lee Chee Koon, Ascott's Chief Executive Officer, said: "As a Singapore company that has grown to be the world's largest international serviced residence owner-operator, Ascott is proud to share Singapore's unique food culture with our residents globally. Our residents are mainly expatriates and business travellers. This cookbook will help our residents who are on the road to create the taste and enjoy the feeling of home in the fully-equipped kitchens of their apartments at Ascott."

The cookbook features 30 Peranakan recipes developed by up-and-coming Chef Malcolm Lee who runs Candlenut restaurant in Singapore.

It features recipes under six categories - soups and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and seafood, rice and noodles, and snacks and desserts.

Included are Chef Lee's take on famous Peranakan dishes like Ayam Buah Keluak (chicken and Indonesian black nut stew), Steamed Cod and Tiger Prawn Otah, Dry Mee Siam (fried spicy rice vermicelli), Assam Fish (fish in tamarind sauce), Chap Chye (mixed vegetable stew) and Babi Pongteh (braised pork with preserved soy bean paste).

Those with a sweet tooth will also relish the Chendol Cream, Ondeh Ondeh (sweet potato balls filled with palm sugar syrup) and Sago Gula Melaka (sago pudding with palm sugar syrup).

Chef Lee said: "I am grateful for the opportunity to share with Ascott's residents the Peranakan cuisine which I grew up eating with my family and friends. The dishes feature authentic flavours rooted in the heritage of traditional Peranakan cooking but with a twist using modern cooking techniques."