1 in 4 Korean women a 'binge-drinker': Report

PHOTO: Reuters

A record 25 per cent of the female adult population binge-drank alcohol in 2016, Ministry of Health and Welfare data showed Monday.

Nearly half of Korean women aged above 19 drank more than once a month and consumed an average of five glasses of alcoholic beverages.

While men were still the more prominent drinkers, figures for men were found to have declined from the previous year's 54 per cent to 53.5 per cent. Figures for women ascended from 23 per cent to 25 per cent.

The increase in the number of female drinkers are interpreted as a natural chain of events following the rise in the number of employed females, and the widespread social notion of alcohol consumption as a legitimate way of entertainment.

However, women are cautioned to watch how much they drink, as they innately lack the enzymes that break down the toxin in alcohol, making them more vulnerable to liver-related disease.

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