10 good luck plants for your home

PHOTO: The Statesman

Grow some green plants around the house to bring good luck and prosperity.

Plants and trees beautify the house and its surroundings. They are also believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the house. Some plants and trees that are said to absorb negative energies and bring good fortune to a house, according to Fengshui and Vastu, are:

Money plant: It increases oxygen inflow and purifies the polluted indoor air. It is said to absorb radiation, reduce stress and bring lasting friendships. Avoid keeping this plant at the northeast corner. Place it in front of a sharp corner or angle to reduce anxiety. Keeping a money plant indoor is believed to lessen arguments and ease sleeping disorders.

Basil: It is considered a holy plant. Women undergoing menstrual cycle should stay away from basil plant as they emit harmful radiation. This is the only plant that emits oxygen day and night. It should be placed in north, east or northeast direction.

Chinese flower: It brings happiness and prosperity in the family. It generates goodwill, optimism and growth. It also enhances romance between couples. This plant should be placed in the living or dining area of the house.

Banana plant: It is a sacred plant for the Hindus. It is believed that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi stay in the roots of this plant so it is worshipped by a number of people in India. It signifies good health and mental peace. This plant should be placed in the northeast direction of the house.

Bamboo: Placing the plant in the right place can bring positive energy to your home. The more stocks in the planter, the greater are the blessings of good fortune. It is said to bring happiness, long life and wealth.

Jasmine plant: This plant helps keep a romance alive. This plant can attract money when grown in the house. Its oil is also believed to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Jade plant: It can help bring prosperity and success to business owners. It works well for the home too. It must be placed near the entrance.

Ashoka tree: Ashoka is considered a sacred tree in India. This tree should never be cut by rule as it is believed to bring bad luck to the cutter. Planting this auspicious plant not only brings health benefits to the inhabitants but also attracts happiness and prosperity in the house. It represents love, beauty and elegance.

Mango tree: It is an auspicious tree in India since the times of Ramayana and Puranas. The leaves of this sacred tree are used in various religious ceremonies. Mango blossoms are used to worship goddess Saraswati.

Bael tree: Bael tree is the most sacred tree for Hindus. Lord Shiva is believed to be pleased by the offering of leaves from the bael tree. Besides religious importance, this tree has a lot of medicinal qualities and its leaves and barks are used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Growing these plants and trees around might bring the much-needed good fortune to you. Select the plants carefully. If your selection of a plant is improper or if they are placed at wrong places, they can cause adverse effects. Go green with these plants and live happily.