100 passersby lift bus to save old woman pinned beneath it

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

An old woman's life was saved when over 100 passersby banded together to lift a bus off her, reported website Shanghaiist.

The 76-year-old woman was knocked down by a bus in Guangzhou and was pinned under it. Fortunately, dozens saw what had happened and rushed forward to help.

It took everyone 15 minutes to save the old woman, whereupon she was rushed to hospital to treat the injuries to her head and bone fractures to her left hand.

The driver of the bus was detained for further questioning about the accident.

In a similar incident, drivers and pedestrians saved a woman in Wuhu, Anhui province, in March when she became trapped under a car.

In November last year, an elderly cyclist was knocked down by a van, and other pedestrians worked to lift the van and save her.