12 Asian destinations in 12 months

This article was first published on TripZilla Magazine.

While we can never get enough of Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and many other major shopping havens, it's time to venture out a little, bring on that adventurous spark from within, and throw ourselves into the arms of this great, amazing world.

With 2015 packed with long weekends, there is never a better time for travel.

Coming up with awesome destinations for a full year of vacations ain't easy, but we're not gonna sit here and let those long weekends and precious time go to waste. Travel now, rest later.

After bugging enough friends, scouring the net, and flipping tons of travel guides, we've come up with this awesome travel plan for 2015.

Don't worry, we've checked out the weather and seasonal patterns so you can be assured that you'll be at the right place, at the right time.

No time to waste; 12 destinations in 12 different months. Here we go!

January - Myanmar

The rising star of Southeast Asia recently opened their doors to the world. Explore the friendly and bustling city of Yangon, home to the impressive Shwedagon Pagoda which stands visible from miles away.

After two days of discovering colonial treasures and enjoying street food sold by cart vendors, head down to the ancient capital of Bagan, also known as the city of thousands temples.

February - Maldives

Experience the sunny side of life in paradise. Made up of 1200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea area, the Republic of the Maldives is a top destination for a beach getaway.

It is blessed with some of the beaches in the world, with stark white sands overlooking the brilliant clear waters. Tigerair, Singapore's budget airline now flies to Maldives, making it possible for solo, budget backpacking trips to Maldives.

March - Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is an island in Vietnam located south of the Cambodian coast, and it features stunning beaches, coral gardens and verdant mountains. With the recent introduction of direct flights from Singapore, Phu Quoc is creeping up the radar as an idyllic beach getaway destination.

In fact, Phu Quoc might just be giving Phuket and Bali a run for their money! Discover Phu Quoc's coastline, mountain waterfalls, night markets and neighbouring islands in its full glory before everybody else does.

April - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand's second largest city Chiang Mai, once known as the Lanna Kingdom, feels worlds away from Bangkok. This picturesque city surrounded by gorgeous mountains and infused with hundreds of years of history and culture.

Travellers can take their pick from 300 temples to visit, get up and close to tigers and scour the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar for great bargains.

The outdoor enthusiasts can have their pick of white-water rafting, ziplining or hiking to tribal villages with detours to beautiful waterfalls along the way.

May - Hoi An, Vietnam

The traditional trading port of Hoi An is a living museum brimming with historic sites and grand architecture. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An features charming temples, pagodas, bridges and shrines.

Aside from cultural attractions, Hoi An also has fantastic uncrowded beaches and a gorgeous countryside. Visitors can also get custom-made clothings for cheap, learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine or visit Hoi An's bustling markets for Vietnamese spices.

At night, Hoi An Riverside takes on a new life, with flickering colourful lanterns that create a surreal magical atmosphere.

June - Yogyakarta and Borobudur, Indonesia

Soak in the historic sights in Yogyakarta such as the magnificent Prambanan Temple, or spend your time wandering around the shopping haven of Malioboro.

A flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta, located in Indonesia's Central Java, takes just slightly more than 2 hours. After your dose of amazing food, history and culture, step into the enchanting ancient city of Borobudur.

This giant temple complex holds within it towering perforated stupas and hundreds of Buddha statues. The sunrise in Borobudur is a sight to behold; an awe-inspiring culmination of natural and historical beauty put together.

July - Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Sipadan Island is a diver's paradise, consistently ranked on the list of top ten diving destinations in the world. Resting on top of a prehistoric volcano, this rich marine habitat is home to more than 3000 species of fishes and corals.

During the dry months of April to September, the diving visibility around Sipadan Island can reach up to 50 metres. Non-divers can opt for snorkelling trips, or just laze around the sandy beaches.

August - Langkawi, Malaysia

Take a short break away from the city and immerse in the serenity of nature's wonder in Langkawi, the "jewel of Kedah".

Get high above the greenery on Langkawi Skybridge where you can marvel at views spanning out to the Andaman Sea, or get below the water in Langkawi Underwater World, Malaysia's biggest aquarium.

Those seeking the sand and the sea can join an island hopping tour or head to the hip and trendy Pantai Cenang Beach. Apart from being home to pristine beaches and dense rainforests, Langkawi also has world-class spa retreats.

September - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country still largely undiscovered by international travellers. It is rich in culture and nature, and boasts eight World Heritage Sites within its small size.

Those who venture off-the-beaten track into its territories are rewarded by scenic landscapes of wild jungles and rolling tea plantations.

Travellers can start in Colombo and hop down to the West Coast for pristine beaches. The wildlife lovers can head north instead to Wilpattu National Park and join a wildlife safari that will journey through herds of elephants and leopards.

October - Taichung, Taiwan

Two and a half hours by rail from Taiwan's capital of Taipei is the vibrant city of Taichung. Taichung offers a blend of city attractions and nature, with plenty of green spaces like its the Botanical Garden and Taichung Folklore Park.

Jostling around the Feng Chia Night Market, one of the biggest in Taiwan, should be on the itinerary of every visitor. Taichung also offers excellent hiking trails around the neighbouring hillside.

November - Lombok, Indonesia

Just 20 minutes away from the most famous island destination in Indonesia, Bali, is the more serene and authentic Lombok. For the adventurous, a trip to Lombok is not complete without a hike up Mount Rinjani, which towers majestically at a height of 3726 metres.

The challenging climb typically takes 3 days, and hiking enthusiasts who commit to it will be rewarded by breathtaking scenery along the way, and starry skies at night.

Those who are less keen to put themselves through this strenuous activity can instead occupy themselves instead with lazing around one of the many gorgeous beaches in Lombok.

December - Guangzhou, China

If travelling without a heavy dose of shopping is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you should consider the third largest city in China, Guangzhou, which is an up-and-coming shoppers' paradise.

Guangzhou has taken over Bangkok as the centre for wholesale shopping, and is a fantastic place to scour for affordable clothing and electronics. Here you can unleash your bargaining beast to topple down prices for the best deals possible.

The streets of Guangzhou is also a paradise for Cantonese cuisine, offering street delicacies as well as upscale dining.

Any other great weekend getaway destination in your mind? Do share!