14 prosecuted for selling Taiwan Army spoiled meat

TAIPEI - The Tainan Prosecutors Office yesterday conducted its first wave of prosecution for 14 military servicemen and meat company employees involved in an alleged conspiracy to sell spoiled meat products to the Army.

According to the office, personnel from the Nung Cheng Hsien Company had allegedly bribed military personnel responsible for the purchase of military food through cash and favors. The exchanges were followed with the company being cleared to sell meat products and other non-staple food to the Army after the alleged Army personnel leaked examination information to the sellers.

The prosecutors also reportedly discovered that the scope of the corruption spans as far as three other military bases, including an Air Force facility. Personnel have allegedly stolen spoiled food products to be resold to the staple food companies who would later sell to military bases.

Following over a month of investigation, the prosecutors office charged the food company owner, surnamed Huo, and 13 others from the company and the military with violating the Anti-Corruption Act. As the scope of the investigation is broad, a second wave of prosecutions may take place in the future.