2 guards, 3 prisoners perish in Indonesia prison riot

MEDAN, Indonesia - The Law and Human Rights Ministry disclosed on Friday that five people died in a riot in Tanjung Gusta Penitentiary on Thursday night.

Hundreds of prisoners, including a number of terrorists, escaped from the maximum security Tanjung Gusta Penitentiary in Medan, North Sumatra, after setting the prison ablaze.

"Of the five dead victims, two of them were prison guards and the other three were inmates," spokesman for the ministry's corrections directorate general, Akbar HadiPrabowo, said on Friday as quoted by kompas.com.

He said the three prisoners' identities had yet to be determined as they were still undergoing autopsies.

According to Akbar, Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin flew to Medan to visit Tanjung Gusta Penitentiary on Friday morning.