2 tons of garbage, dumped 30 years ago, found on Jeju Island

PHOTO: Pixabay

Tons of trash believed to have been dumped more than 30 years ago was found near Hallasan National Park on Jeju Island.

Though Hallasan is a popular landmark, drawing more than 1 million hikers every year, the garbage wasn't found for decades, despite being just meters from one of the main trails.

The local authorities on Thursday started removing the 2-ton mound of refuse near an entrance to Hallasan National Park. A local resident reportedly discovered it after noticing a strange smell.

Not visible from the main hiking trail, the garbage heap was found behind some bushes. Further into the trees, two more trash dumps were found in pits someone had dug into the ground.

After examining the food packaging in the trash piles, the authorities believe they are decades old.

Several bottles of Hanil Soju were found -- a brand the manufacturer stopped selling in 1993 after changing its name to Hallasan Soju. One of the bottles had print on it stating the product was manufactured in 1973.

The authorities suspect the trash was all dumped by the same person.