20 wedding venues fail inspections: Taiwan watchdog

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- During an inspection by the Consumer Protection Committee (CPC), 20 out of 20 wedding reception halls and restaurants fell short of safety standards, including those for construction and food safety.

The CPC inspected 20 wedding reception halls and restaurants in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi and Ilan last month. All 20 businesses were found to be in violation of safety standards.

A total of 15 businesses did not meet construction safety management regulations. Four did not meet fire safety regulations and 17 fell short of standards for food hygiene, the CPC announced.

The CPC has requested that relevant authorities ask businesses to improve.

As of Tuesday, four businesses have addressed issues with construction safety management, while nine are making progress. Three businesses have addressed issues with fire safety regulations and one is still improving.

Thirteen businesses were fined for handling expired food, while two have been asked to address issues by a deadline. Two cases are still under review.

In Taipei, the Chin Chin Garden Restaurant was fined NT$220,000 (S$9,500), and the Chinese Cuisine Banquet at the ATT 4 Fun was fined NT$100,000.