20-year-old man drowns after saving teen at Nantou waterfall

PHOTO: YouTube

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A 20-year-old man surnamed Yang drowned in Nantou County's Yumen Gate Waterfall, yesterday while helping to successfully save another person.

According to local media, Yang and his relatives were visiting the waterfall to attend a barbecue when a teenager surnamed Chen, 14, fell into the water around noon. People screamed for help. Yang and three other people leapt into the water to save Chen, but unfortunately, after Chen was saved, Yang disappeared into the water while returning back to the shore.

Nantou County Government's Fire Department sent professional divers and firefighters to save Yang but he had lost all vital signs when he was brought to shore. They performed CPR and sent him by ambulance to Puli Christian Hospital for emergency treatment, though he did not survive.

It is suspected that Yang encountered cramps and then drowned when he swam back after the brave act of trying to save Chen.