22-year-old found guilty in road rage incident

A man was found guilty by the Magistrates' Court yesterday for his involvement in a road rage incident where he repeatedly rammed his car into another vehicle.

The court document stated that the defendant, Mohammad Hassanalhamizan Mohd Ibrahim was 19 years old when he hit a Lexus three times with his Ford Ranger on September 1, 2011 on Jalan Jerudong.

During the trial, Hassanalhamizan, who is now 22, admitted that he hit and caused damage to the complainant's car as he was "shocked, mad and angry" when the complainant blocked his way.

Hassanalhamizan claimed that he had only wanted to get the complainant's attention by hitting the car, saying he had no other option but to hit the complainant's car as he was late for work that day and wanted the complainant to move aside.

However, the court rejected the defendant's evidence in favour of the complainant's version of the incident as he was a more credible witness.

The complainant said he was driving towards Jerudong Beach when he saw the driver of the Ford Ranger giving him the middle finger and then hit his car. When the complainant caught up with the defendant, Hassanalhamizan hit the Lexus three times before turning into The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

During the mitigation, Hassanalhamizan sought the court for a non-custodial sentence as he wanted to go back to studying.

Hassanalhamizan, who is facing up to three years in jail with an unspecified amount in fines, is scheduled to be sentenced on May 19.