3 generations of Taiwan family convicted over sexual assaults of foreign helper

TAIPEI - Three generations of a family, surnamed Hu, were charged with sexually assaulting an Indonesian caregiver 81 times in one year, the Supreme Court said yesterday, adding that two have been convicted while the other is still being tried. The Supreme Court yesterday sentenced the 70-year-old and his 45-year-old son to 10 years and nine years in prison.

The 70-year-old's grandson, aged 15, was also charged with sexual assault. His case is currently being tried by a juvenile court.

According to the Supreme Court, the Indonesian caregiver began working for the Hu family in 2010, taking care of the family's disabled great grandmother. After one month, the 70-year-old, the great grandmother's son, sexually assaulted the caregiver.

The 70-year-old threatened to send the victim back to Indonesia if she chose to call the police. The 45-year-old also sexually assaulted the victim, making the same threats if she chose to tell his wife about the assault.

According to the court, the 70-year-old and his son sexually assaulted the victim a total of 43 times and 35 times in one year, while the 70-year-old's grandson sexually assaulted her three times.

In 2011, after retrieving her deposit from her agency, the victim asked for help from the Council of Labor Affairs, now the Ministry of Labor.

During their trial, the 70-year-old and his son both denied the charges, claiming that what happened between them and the caregiver was “consensual.” The court said that the caregiver showed signs of a mental breakdown and that she had attempted suicide, adding that the defendants' claim was simply unimaginable.

The court ruled that the two were guilty of the charges, dismissing the Hu family's appeal filed.