5 last-minute vacations on a budget this March holidays

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The term holidays are coming up from March 14 to 22 and you (and your children) deserve a vacation.

Skyscanner has put together a list of five affordable vacations that you can take ASAP this coming holiday!

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is easily accessible from Singapore (just three hours away) and it houses some of the most impressive temples in Thailand.

Wat Chedi Luang, which was built over six centuries ago, remains one of the top attractions in Thailand. Sample traditional Thai cuisine (or even learn to cook it!) and take in the cultural sights of this city.

Craving for something a little more exciting? Try your hand at white water rafting, elephant riding or zipline across lush green forests at Zipline Chiang Mai.

2. Hong Kong, China

Looking for a vacation that you'll enjoy as much as your children? Hong Kong is perfect.

While your children may forge magical memories in Disneyland Hong Kong, you too will have ample time to shop at one of the world's best shopping cities!

All goods including luxury branded goods (except alcohol and tobacco) are tax-free in this city... so be sure to bring an open mind and a high credit limit! In between your shopping breaks, stop by one of many traditional Hong Kong Cafes and soak in the energy of this city while filling your tummy with delicious Chinese pastries and dim sum.

3. Perth, Australia

If your idea of a perfect vacation is daytime lazing by the beach and enjoying evening walks by the river or vineyard hopping, there's no better place than Perth! With a number of budget airlines flying into Perth daily, you can be sure to secure an attractive flight fare with Skyscanner!

Rent a car and check out the vineyards along Margaret River, but be sure to nominate a skipper.

In the evening, take a dip in one of Western Australia's most popular beach at Cottesloe while you dig into some delicious frozen yoghurt by the sea.

In fact, what better time to do it than now, when the Australian Dollar is at an all-time low?

4. Medan, Indonesia

If you're a huge fan of architecture or cultural immersion, Medan is the city to visit this March holiday!

The Grand Mosque (Masjid Raya) built to a Moroccan style by a Dutch architect over a century ago remains one of many attractions to visit in this city. If you enjoy the durian, you'd be pleased to know that Medan is reputed for harvesting the best durian in Indonesia - check out Durian Ucok if you don't know where to start.

Kick back at Otten Coffee too, which serves some of the best coffee in the region, and slow down to enjoy some family-bonding time.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Commonly misunderstood as the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (once affectionately known as Saigon) is the largest city of Vietnam.

With one of the fastest growing GDPs in the region, Ho Chi Minh City is booming with the influx of tourists and foreign investments.

Conveniently located just under 2 hours away from Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City offers travellers a look into the rich cultural history of the country. Take in the sights of the awe-inspiring pagodas in Cholon if you're looking to explore the city sights.

Feeling a little more adventurous? It's a history lesson at the famous Cu Chi Underground Tunnels used in the war against the American Troops in the Vietnam War.

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