7 relatives drown in China reservoir

Seven members of a family drowned in southern China after one of them slipped into a reservoir and the others dove in to save her.

The incident happened in Guangdong province's Shantou city on Sunday afternoon when a 17-year-old girl went to the reservoir's bank to wash her hands, reported the China News Service (CNS) yesterday.

She and her family had just visited their ancestral grave as Sunday was China's traditional tomb-sweeping day, when families pay their respects at relatives' burial sites.

The teen lost her balance and fell into the water.

On seeing what had happened, her parents, siblings and at least one non-immediate relative plunged into the reservoir one after another in a bid to save her.

But apparently none of them could swim and only one child survived, CNS reported.

It was unclear yesterday who the survivor was and how many siblings of the teen were killed.

Reports said two secondary school students and one primary school pupil were among the dead.

The victims were later retrieved and doctors who had rushed to the scene certified them dead, CNS reported.

The Guangdong and Shantou governments have ordered that danger signs be put up at the reservoir and other hazardous water areas, said local reports.