83-year-old released from detention after agreeing to pay taxes

An 83-year-old man was released from detention yesterday after agreeing to pay NT$19 million in taxes and fines owed to the treasury.

In 1994, the man, surnamed Huang, made over NT$100 million in profit by selling land. He gave a portion of the proceeds to his children, but refused to pay the gift tax. Taxes owed and subsequent fines amounted to NT$19 million.

Before he was detained, Huang refused to pay the taxes and fines despite being urged to do so several times. The court subsequently approved prosecutors' request to have him detained.

A few days after he was placed in detention, Huang relented, reportedly because he couldn't stand the high temperatures in the detention centre, telling his family that he would rather pay the fines and taxes than stay locked up in the heat.

Officials said that Huang's family members agreed to pay NT$11 million up front and the rest in installments. After receiving the initial payment, the detention centre was notified to release the elderly man.