90% of SE Asian travellers check e-mails while on vacation

SINGAPORE - Sun, surf and never-ending work - that is what South-east Asian holiday-makers are doing while they are on vacation, said TripAdvisor.

Across 14 countries, close to 17,000 employed respondents - including 618 from South-east Asia, were surveyed on their habits relating to work while they were on a vacation.

According to findings, it learned that a whopping 90 per cent of respondents from South-east Asia checked their e-mails, compared to the global average of 67 per cent.

After checking their e-mails, over 80 per cent said they responded to them.

Citing the advances in technology, respondents said the increase in connectivity and access to mobile devices have "created an expectation from employers that employees should always be available to work". Thus, they felt the need to check in even though they were on leave.

TripAdvisor spokesperson, Ms Jean Ow-Yeong, said, "In today's highly connected world, South-east Asian travellers feel the need to stay plugged in even when on vacation".

Even when they do take time-off, "it is often more like a "workation" than a vacation,"she added.

According to the results, 43 per cent of South-east Asian respondents also said they would create and even edit documents, while 22 per cent said they would do the same for presentations.

TripAdvisor reported that of those who checked work e-mails on vacation, 44 per cent say they do it out of habit and don't consider it to be work.

Meanwhile, those surveyed in South-east Asia revealed that they were given an average of 20 days of annual leave, which is four days fewer than the global average.

Only half of the South-east Asian respondents said they are satisfied with the number of annual leave they have, but would prefer an additional three days. They consider 23 days of annual leave to be fair and reasonable, according to TripAdvisor.