Air hostess punched by unruly passengers

TWO men punched an air stewardess for refusing to upgrade them from economy to first class seats for free, China Press reported.

According to China website Long Hua, the incident happened on a Chinese domestic flight which was preparing to depart from Taiyuan for Chongqing at about 3.40pm on Sunday.

A passenger known only as Zhou said the stewardess had asked the men, who had gone to the first class area, to return to their seats as they had bought economy class tickets.

The stewardess also suggested that they top up their tickets with cash but the two passengers claimed they did not have enough money and insisted on paying by credit card.

They also refused to go back to their seats. Another passenger tried to intervene but failed to prevent the stewardess from being hit.

The pilot then called the police and security guards to escort the two passengers off the plane.