AirAsia AK278 passengers grateful for safe landing

The AirAsia plane that veered off in Brunei.

It felt like it was a movie scene, when the plane landed and skidded off the runway, said a Flight AK278 AirAsia passenger on yesterday's incident at the Brunei International Airport runway.

The 21-year-old female student, who preferred not to disclose her name, was one of the 102 passengers on the plane.

Currently studying at the University of Bristol, she was on holiday with her two friends in Malaysia and this was her first experience flying with the low-cost airline.

She described that when the plane halted, there was mud on the window and they did not know what happened because they could not look outside.

"There was a blackout, followed by this weird smell," she said.

"Then someone told us to exit out and some people started (panicking)," she said.

The university student however said the AirAsia staff onboard remained professional and urged passengers to calm down.

"After the front door opened, we went out of the plane as fast as we could, met by some drizzling rain and windy weather," she said.

Tourists from The Netherlands, Martin Jaspers and Joyce Daris relayed a less dramatic experience.

"Once we landed, we felt there was something wrong - I (am not sure what but maybe there was something wrong with the landing gear) and suddenly mud and water splattered on the windows," Jasper said.

"When the plane was still, we didn't know where we were and we couldn't see anything; there was plenty of water coming down on the window."

"Some must have thought we were underwater but soon we noticed we were safely on ground - we were alright," he said in an interview with The Brunei Times.

Daris said when the plane doors opened, everyone started panicking.

"Everyone was roughly grabbing their suitcases, trying to get out," she said.

When the duo got out through the inflated slides, personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department told them to clear away from the plane in case of a fire.

"Once we got to the gathering point, they did a headcount and we were put into busses and given water and cookies - they took good care of us," Daris said.

Meanwhile Hjh Saniawati Hj Salim who travelled with her family and grandchildren said she was just grateful that they were all safe.

"Only Allah SWT knew how we all felt that time, it was chaotic and we were travelling with children but Alhamdulillah we were safe," she said.

Hjh Saniawati said bad weather conditions may have been the culprit.

"We were told to remain calm, then 10 minutes later, the doors opened and everyone went out down the inflated slides," she said.