Alien spaceship? No, this is where the 2020 Olympics will be held

Artist's impression of the completed structure that will host the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

This odd structure isn't the beginning of an alien invasion of Japan -- this is the venue of the upcoming Olympic games in 2020.

Japan is building a new National Stadium in Tokyo in light of the upcoming games.

These images, via Himajin Sokohou, show the artist's impression of the completed structure that will host the games -- in all its futuristic glory.

The pictures were unveiled by the Japan Sport Council in light of the city's victory yesterday in their bid to host the games.

The new 80,000-seat stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2020 games, as well as athletics, football and rugby events, Dezeen reported.

"The stadium will become an integral part of Tokyo's urban fabric, directly engaging with the surrounding cityscape to connect and carve the elegant forms of the design," said architect Zaha Hadid, after winning a competition to design the stadium in November.

"Our three decades of research into Japanese architecture and urbanism is evident in our winning design and we greatly look forward to building the new National Stadium," she added.

The stadium will replace the existing Kasumigaoka National Stadium and will be used in tandem with Kenzo Tange's iconic 1964 Olympic stadium in Yoyogi Park that will also be renovated by Zaha Hadid.

Two other venues from the 1964 games, the Nippon Budokan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, will also be reused for the 2020 games.

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