All victims of capsized boat found

INDONESIA - All 16 victims, who drowned after a boat capsized in waters off Jepara, Central Java, had been accounted for after rescue workers found the final two on Saturday.

The two were identified as Ahmadi, 45, from Pulau Darat in Mayong, Jepara, and Ngatmo, 48, from Bulu in Pecangaan, Jepara. They were found in close proximity to the location of the incident.

The boat, which sank on Thursday, had violated safety regulations as it was carrying 62 people despite a maximum capacity of 20 people.

An additional 25 passengers were treated at Kartini Hospital in Jepara, 10 were treated as out-patients while eight needed no treatment. The boat also carried a skipper and two crew.

"We are calling off the search as we have found all those reported missing. The rescue workers even found one unreported victim," Jepara Police chief, Adj. Sr. Comr. M Taslim Chairudin told reporters.

Meanwhile, local fishermen evacuated KM Johnson, which lay at a depth of eight meters (m) some 500m from Panjang Island off the Jepara coast.

The fishermen used dozens of drums, filled with air using a compressor, tied to the boat to lift it from the depths.

The Jakarta Post observed that the owners of tourist boats, such as this vessel, are often over capacity and do not provide life vests.

The police named the boat's skipper, identified as P, as a suspect for violating Article 359 of the Criminal Code on negligence and Article 303 of Law No. 17/2008 on shipping regulations for the operation of a vessel without a capability license.

The boat's owner, identified as S, has also been named as suspect for violating Article 310 of the Shipping Law for employing a workforce without sufficient capability.