Alleged deranged man beheads wife after argument

PHOTO: The Straits Times

A deranged man allegedly beheaded his wife following a stormy dispute in India yesterday (June 12).

According to Press Trust India in an India Today report, the 52-year-old subsequently walked to the nearest police station in Lakhimpur Kher district in Uttar Pradesh with his wife's bruised head in hand, and surrendered to the police.

The police claimed that the victim, Usha Debi, and her husband, Ram Sewak, were arguing over a family matter though little is known about what caused Sewak's appalling fit.

"Sewak brutally killed his wife with a khurpa (a short, bladed cutting tool) and beheaded her. He then went to the Behjam police outpost with his wife's severed head and surrendered. A case of murder has been lodged and Ram Sewak has been sent to jail," officer DK Singh said.

NDTV reported that nearby villagers believed Ram Sewak was mentally unstable. However, there is no certifiable evidence to support this.