Almost 90% of plastic surgery clinics fail inspection: Taiwan CPC

TAIPEI - The Consumers Protection Committee (CPC, 消費者保護處) of the Executive Yuan yesterday revealed the result of inspections of 19 plastic surgery clinics in six cities. The facilities were checked on hygiene, fire protection and building safety, with only two of the centres passing inspection. Almost 90 per cent of plastic surgery clinics fall below standards, said the CPC.

The CPC made the inspections last December, the first time it had examined such centres in all six major cities simultaneously.

The CPC announced four clinics committed severe violations, namely the Levent Aesthetic Clinic in Taichung (台中順風美醫), the Airlee Biomedical and Cosmetic Policlinic in New Taipei (新北愛爾麗診所), the Vigor Beauty Medical Center in New Taipei City's Banqiao District (新北板橋維格診所) and the Dr. Enherya Medical Beauty Clinic in Tainan (台南元和雅醫美診所).

The Consumer Ombudsman of the CPC, Chuang Huei-yuan (莊惠媛) said that of the 19 medical cosmetics centres, six of them did not pass the CPC's building safety inspection, 10 of them did not pass the fire protection test, and 16 of them did not pass the hygiene inspection.

The Airlee Policlinic in New Taipei City violated the code for interior decoration, the placement of fire extinguishers and the lack of a fireproof curtain, Consumer Ombudsman Wang De-ming (王德明) said.

Wang said the emergency exit at the Vigor Center in Banqiao did not meet standards, and they failed to report their maintenance problems to the CPC.

The Levent Clinic in Taichung failed to clearly display their price list and the cosmetics they sold were not in the Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene (化妝品衛生管理條例), Wang said.

The Dr. Enherya Clinic in Tainan had the cosmetic area not clearly distinguished from the medical area. The cosmetics they sold were also unlicensed.

Wang reminded the public that it is necessary to check for the medical license and the practicing license of any doctor, ask for a receipt and read the letter of consent carefully. Patients should communicate with doctors adequately and make sure who is performing the operation, Wang said. Do not trust strange advertisements and promotions and don't pay money in advance, Wang emphasised.