Ancient temple site to be reburied in Yogyakarta

PHOTO: Reuters

The Yogyakarta Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency (BPCB) said on Tuesday that it had decided to rebury a recently uncovered 8th-century temple site in Sleman due to lack of discoveries.

"We decided to preserve the site just through data that we have recorded ["preserve by record"]. So, after we document everything, we will bury the findings again," the agency's head of development and conservation, Wahyu Astuti, told The Jakarta Post.

BPCP's team, with the help of Gadjah Mada University students majoring in archeology, has been researching the site, which is located in residential complexes, since Aug. 10.

Wahyu said that so far the team's findings were not significant, making it impossible for them to rebuild the temple.

The findings, however, bring the total number of temple sites in Yogyakarta to 25, with four of them preserved by record only.