Angry female customer hurls stacks of cash at salesgirl in China jewellery shop

A video of a rich young woman angrily throwing stacks of cash at a sales assistant in a jewellery store in China has been making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the young woman who is standing at a jewellery counter appears to take exception to a comment by the salesgirl.

She can be heard screaming at the startled salesgirl: "You think I don't have money? What street is this? Would you believe I could buy this entire street?"

Chinese news portal NetEase reported that she also asks at one point: "Do you know who my father is?"

After that, she reaches into her handbag on the counter and takes out stacks of cash, before hurling three stacks of the money directly at the salesgirl.

The woman only stopped when another lady standing near the incident stepped forward and intervened.

The sales assistant managed to remain calm throughout the incident.

Many netizens have taken to social media platforms such as Weibo to criticise the customer's behaviour. However, some cynical commenters also asked if the whole incident had been staged as a way for the store to gain publicity.