Angry woman threw out $1,300 in cash after fight with boyfriend

An angry woman threw out 6,000 yuan (S$1,281) in cash on Thursday after fighting with her boyfriend in Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province. She only retrieved 1,700 yuan while the rest was looted by passerbys.

According to a restaurateur surnamed Pan who witnessed the scene, dozens of 100 yuan notes fell while people yelled, "Pick up the money!". Pan said the money was thrown by a couple, who were having a big fight.

The money-dropping woman regretted her actions afterwards. She had planned to use the money to buy presents before going back to hometown with her boyfriend. However, the couple had a difference of opinion on what gifts to purchase, which resulted in the woman throwing out the money.

"I yelled that I would call the police if someone picks up my money, but it didn't work. They picked up my money and ran away fast," she said.