Another detention camp found in Thailand

Another detention camp, big enough to house up to 1,000 people was found yesterday on Khao Kaew in Songkhla's Padang Besar area.

There are three buildings at this empty campsite located 3 kilometres from other sites first discovered on May 1, Songkhla police said.

Police also found a large number of children's clothes and instant noodles.

Meanwhile, national police spokesman Lt-General Prawut Thawornsiri yesterday dismissed reports that five police generals are facing transfer over suspected roles in Rohingya trafficking.

So far, 67 officers from different police units and precincts in the South, where several instances of human trafficking were uncovered, have been either transferred or moved to inactive posts pending investigation. The ranks range from non-commissioned officers to colonel.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday reiterated his instructions, first issued on May 6, for civilian authorities, police and the military to do a complete scan of the South within the 10-day deadline.

Prayut issued the reminder at yesterday's cabinet meeting, deputy government spokesman Maj-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd said.

The PM also said that any official, police and military personnel found to have a hand in the trafficking would automatically be transferred away.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Money Laun-dering Office yesterday ordered the seizure of Bt75 million worth of assets belonging to members of a trafficking gang led by Phadungsak Bunphinij.