Another girl, 5, succumbs to injuries inflicted at Thai rally attack

Another girl, 5, has succumbed to injuries inflicted at a Thai rally attack on Saturday night. Above: Thayakorn Yosubon (top left), the father of a pair of siblings killed in a bomb blast near an anti-government protest site on Sunday.

THAILAND - A five-year-old girl Tuesday succumbed to serious injuries inflicted when unknown attackers hurled grenades and fired at a rally site of anti-government protesters in Trat.

Doctor Anurak Amornphetsathaporn, the director of the Emergency Public Health Service Office of the Public Health Ministry, said Natchaya Rosungnern died a the Rayong Hospital at 2:20 pm.

The girl was injured by a bomb fragment and has become brain dead before she succumbed to injuries.

She was the second slain victim of the attack against the rally of the People's Democratic Reform Committee in Khao Saming district in Trat Saturday night.

The first victim, also a five-year-old girl, was pronounced dead Sunday.

Apart from the two girls, 33 other people were injured in the attack.