Another HK couple fight caught on camera

HONG KONG - A young Hong Kong couple got into a violent fight in Mong Kok on Nov 7, just after a high profile couple fight video of a woman who slapped her boyfriend repeatedly went viral in early October.

The couple were at a cyber cafe in Mong Kok, when the girlfriend, 19-year-old surnamed Lu, got furious with the boyfriend, 20-year-old surnamed Yu, for flirting with another girl.

Out of jealousy, the girlfriend slapped her boyfriend on the street but he refused to be publicly disgraced by his girlfriend and decided to slap her back. He dragged her along the street, yanking her by her hair.

Their fight on the pavement was recorded on camera until police had to be called in to break the two of them up.

Netizens are calling them the beta version of the girlfriend who slapped her boyfriend 14 times, only this time the guy fights back.

The slapping video has attracted 1.73 million views since being posted to YouTube on October 6.

In the video recorded by bystanders, the girlfriend, Cheng Yan-na, 20, was seen slapping her kneeling boyfriend, Chioo Wing-ming, 23, for allegedly inviting another girl back to his apartment.

He remained on his knees throughout the argument, maintains his innocence and accuses Cheng's cousin of maligning him.