Apink says 'can't laugh off' death threat

Eunji from Apink.
PHOTO: Instagram/artist_eunji

K-pop group Apink remains shaken up by the death threat made Wednesday, its agency said Thursday.

"It's not just the members who are shocked, it's all of us. It (the death threat) is not something that we can just laugh off as a joke," said an official from Plan A Entertainment.

"The threat just happened, so we're keeping a keen eye on it. We're still waiting on what the police investigation finds out."

Late on Wednesday, an unidentified man called Gangnam Police Station in Seoul and said that he wanted to stab Apink members to death because their agency had filed charges against him.

Officers were immediately dispatched to Plan A and a request for Apink's protection was made.

The members of the group had been at a practice facility in Seongdong-gu, eastern Seoul, at the time of the threat.

Last month, Plan A filed criminal charges against internet users who posted malicious comments against Apink member Son Na-eun.

The agency said it is yet unclear whether the latest threat will affect the release date of Apink's new EP on June 26.

Several popular K-pop stars have been subjected to threats or criminal acts in the past few weeks.

On Tuesday, an unidentified person issued an online death threat against Twice's Mina, which later turned out to be a joke of poor taste.

In March, BTS' Jimin received a death threat prior to the band's tour in California.

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