Army sees easing of tensions following dissolution

The Army on Monday described the ongoing political situation as easing following PM's announcement of House dissolution and expected it to improve, deputy army spokesman Lt Col Winthai Suvaree said.

The developments had satisfied all sides to a greater or lesser degree, Winthai said, adding that it was expected that every party would cooperate and work together.

"The Army wishes to reaffirm its position under the current political situation that it is ready to take care of the country and all groups of people, no matter they are ordinary people or protesters, so that they are safe. It is ready to help building peace and order in the country as well as to support unity among the people," the spokesman said.

Although there are many differences of opinions between the opposing sides, the Army believes that they would be able to find solution using peaceful means. "The Army do not want to see the situation escalating to violence because all of them are Thais. We want all sides to consider the results that fighting could bring to the country," Winthai said.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra earlier announced House dissolution as tens of thousands of the antigovernment protesters took to the streets to protest against her government and the Thaksin Regime.