Asian celebrities respond to Tianjin blast

A massive warehouse explosion in Tianjin on Wednesday sent the whole nation into deep grief. Soon after the disaster, celebrities and the entertainment industry responded in their own way to show their support.

Most celebrities spoke on social media right away; several movies rescheduled press conferences; some television stations stopped running entertainment programs and some celebrities took the lead by donating money, and even blood, to help the injured.

A commentary in the Beijing News said that "the public influence of celebrities should not be seen as a personal asset, as it should be used for the public interest when necessary".

The article believes that what the celebrities and companies have done was not due to business interests, but a modern citizen's consciousness and responsibility.

Here are some ways celebrities have reacted:

Many celebrities have taken the lead in donating money

Movie star Jackie Chan has already donated 3 million yuan ($469, 000) for the families of the firefighters who died during putting out the fire. The company of ongoing Chinese blockbuster Monster Hunt has also announced a 5 million yuan donation.

Actress Fan Bingbing said she would personally donate 1 million yuan, and Li Chen, her boyfriend, declared he would donate 500,000 yuan after Fan's announcement. All the money is expected to go to the families of the firefighters who died during the explosion.

Huang Xiaoming and his fiancee, Angelababy, have donated 2 million yuan and will further work with charity organisations to raise money.

Besides donating money, some celebrities have volunteered to donate blood, such as actress Mo Xiaoqi and Taiwan-based actress Annie Shizuka Inou, although the latter was told by the doctor that her physical condition will not allow her to do so.

Tianjin Television has for now stopped several entertainment programs, such as reality show Hello Baby, and some commercials. More programs are expected to stop temporarily on other television stations.

Many celebrities are mourning the victims and showing respect to firefighters, such as Jia Jingwen and Li Bingbing.

Actress Jia Jingwen, who is originally from Tianjin, wrote on Sina Weibo yesterday: "I read the heartbreaking news in early morning. Hope the disaster won't get worse and may the victims be in peace. Here is a salute to the firefighters!" The post has been "liked" over 30,000 times by the time we published this article.

Actress Li Bingbing said on her Sina Weibo yesterday: "Here is a salute to the heroes, and hope those missing are safe." The post has been reposted over 4,000 times and received over 20,000 "likes" by the time we published this article.

If you wish to make a donation, contact the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tianjin by calling 022-2730-0620.