Aspiring Chinese actor takes over 3,000 selfies with strangers on the street

There are many paths to stardom, some of which are fraught with more difficulty than others.

In a country with many talents and many people, trying to gain the attention of the masses is no easy feat. To do so, 23-year-old aspiring actor Mei Xiao decided to dress up in unusual outfits and take selfies with strangers he met on the streets.

Mei Xiao's collection of selfies.Photo: Sina Weibo

Mei, who is currently working as an extra at Hengdian World Studios in Zhejiang province, China, embarked upon his mission nine months ago after he joined Hengdian, and has amassed 3000 photographs of himself with passers-by, ranging from children to street cleaners.

Mei Xiao's collection of selfies.Photo: Sina Weibo

He decided to chase his dream of becoming an actor after graduating from vocational school and changing jobs multiple times. His love for acting had been sparked when he took on an amateur acting stint when he was still in school, reported People's Daily Online.

"They say that those who smile have pretty decent luck. I hope my dream will come true one day," Mei said.