Baby comes out of coma just before burial

INDIA - A week-old baby, pronounced dead by a hospital after she had breathing difficulties, came out of coma minutes before she was about to be buried - sending shivers of shock and happiness through her family, Tamil Nesan reported.

Farmer Satpal Singh was over the moon when his wife, Pooja, delivered a healthy baby girl at their Palsamnath village in the north Indian state of Haryana.

However, the baby developed breathing difficulties and went into a coma two days after she was born and was admitted to a hospital.

Doctors attending to the infant said she had taken excessive fluids while in the mother's womb and, after a few hours, pronounced the baby dead.

The distraught parents did not want to part with their baby but after much persuasion from relatives, they decided to go for a burial.

At the burial, the bundle suddenly moved and the mother was delighted to see the baby smiling back at her.