Baby dragged to death when blanket got caught in bike wheel

A three-month-old baby was killed in Prachin Buri on Sunday evening in a violent fall from his teenage parents' bicycle.

The blanket in which the infant boy was bundled evidently became entangled in the rear wheel of the bike, suddenly pulling him to the hard surface of Wang Ta Khien-Wang Tha Chang Road in Kabin Buri district.

Pol Captain Manee Saengchayapa of Wang Ta Khien precinct found Prajak Khamken, 19, and his unnamed 16-year-old wife distraught over their unresponsive son, who'd suffered a head wound.

The couple told police that the baby had struck both the bike's spinning rear wheel and road surface.

They were taken in for questioning and the infant's body was sent to Kabin Buri Hospital for an autopsy.